Monday, February 1, 2010

Hussein Chalayan

Because its a monday and mondays tend to be such horrible days for people I have decided to brighten this monday up by going back to the year 2007 where one of the best highlights in fashion happened. I think it is critical to note that fashion design in itself is a business more than an art and it is very close to technology as well as history and economics. Technology plays a big role in fashion design because it determines color, textiles, textures etc. And I think that one of the best moments in fashion happened in the Hussein Chalayan pret-a-porter couture collections in 2007 where he used technology in fashion design literally. He actually woe wires into the textiles in order to get the textiles to move. So I would now like to say thank you Hussein Chalayan for being amazing and making the fashion world very innovative and interesting.
I love you!

Spring 2007

Fall 2007


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