Saturday, November 4, 2017

Can Menstruation Inspire Fashion?

Our Unveiled Series

"We menstruate, we give birth, we breast feed and we go through meno-pause. We are taxed, we are sold, we are brutalized and oppressed. The natural things our bodies do to create life are 'gross', 'vile', 'disgusting' and 'nasty'. We are good when we are submissive, quiet, and dolled-up. And we are nasty when we are independent, stubborn and when we stand up for the right to not be abused by the system. We are unveiled. We don't hide. We are gross and we bleed and give birth and we grow body hair. And best of all, we are proud." - in the words of head designer and CEO of MXN

The reason that we chose to do a wedding dress for this piece, is because a woman in a wedding, in western culture, always represented purity. They were virgins that were, in crude terms, sold to their husbands from a young age through familial contractual agreements. So a man would unveil his gift on their wedding day, as she was "given away" to him from her "previous owner". In our art piece for the we chose to do menstruation to symbolize that she wears her womanhood on her sleeve. She doesn't hide who she is. She doesn't need to be unveiled. She is purely herself.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Made in the USA Printed Designer Leggings Like You've Never Seen

Leggings like this are only one in a million. They fit like a dream, are soft and thick and all the seams are stable. The waistband doesn't twist or gather or droop and the best part is? It is ethically made in the USA.
Our printed leggings are not just cut out of a printed fabric. Each legging design is made by graphic designer and fine artist Mariam Hovhannisyan. You can even  find her paintings on the leggings!
The design is printed on each legging individually. This means that every legging is always printed the same and the design will never look weird on your crotch or back. Perfection? Nope. Simply the BEST. LEGGING.EVER.

Models Tracy Diep and Kiara Le Blanc
Video art by Noah Martin and Izzy Corey
Make up and Hair by Nana Mkrtchyan from Makeup By Nana

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

MXN - I WANT MORE Collection

MXN Fashion House

I WANT MORE collection release

This collection represents what I want to do with fashion and why I want to dedicate my life to art and fashion. I want to use it as a way to make drive change and encourage change.
 Model Tracy Diep
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 Model: Kiara La Blanc

 Model and MXN Sister Mariam Hovhannisyan


What do you want more of? #IWANTMOREMXN @MXNFashionHouse

Full Credit List
Models: Tracy Diep, Kiara Le Blanc, Mariam Hovhannisyan
Hair and Makeup artist Nana Mkrtchyan from Make Up By Nana
Photography by Rachael Webster from Noctem Photography


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dark Beauty Magazine Publication!

MXN Published in Dark Beauty Mag Online

We are thrilled to be selected for publication for Dark Beauty Magazine! This image was a great collaboration! Big thanks to:

Model: Anna Chiknavaryan
Photographer: Rachael Webster from Noctem Photography
Hair Piece: Nicole Carter from Regalia Designs
Make up and Hair: Giada from Gary Manuel Aveda
Location: Armenian Apostolic Church

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Cannot wait to share the entire series with you!

MXN at October Fashion Week

We are excited to announce that yet again we were nominated by Ville Magazine as designer of the year at the annual Style Awards show.

But we were also very excited to participate at Fashion NXT fashion week. Two shows in one weekend!

Style Awards Mini Collection

Thanks to Models Cyndee Ceeh, Mariam Hovhannisyan, Amber Gizinski, Vina Vanessa and Kiara Le Blanc.

And our behind the scenes and on the runway images (sneak previews) of the collection from Fashion NXT. Cannot wait to share the video with you!

Big thanks to the team, the hair and makeup teams and the models and photographers!
Alexis Rogness
Bridget Mulcahy
Devinity Robertson
Lynsey Collachi
Kayla Downs
Desiree Hayes
Raven West
Jessica Boyle
Missy Copeland
Zoe Brown

Makeup Carrie Strahle
Hair Chachi Hair 
Makeup sponsor LancĂ´me
Photographer BTS: Nessie Munoz
Photographer runway: @yinyiphotography


Monday, July 17, 2017

Buy Leggings - Save the World

Can Leggings Save the World?

MXN Leggings can. When you buy these leggings you donate to Charity! Not only are these leggings made ethically 100% in the USA, but we also donate to charity with every purchase! Check them out at cool would it be to wear STDs on your legs!