Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Chief Jacket In Black Organic Denim

My MXN Fashion House Chief Fringe Jacket is now available in black as well. But to my greatest excitement it is worn by Jude Karda who is a Canadian model with Plutino Models. Stunning work by an amazing team! Please find their handles below:

Our organic denim vegan fringe chief jacket  www.mxnfashion.com @broganmcnab 's amazing image with stunning model @jude.karda from @peggilepage_models @plutinomodels with HMUA

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kahini Fashion Boutique brings Couture to the Malls!


MXN Fashion House was so excited to participate in the mall Spring Fling Fashion Show for Kahini Fashion Boutique. You can currently purchase a selection of MXN jackets there! You can see our short collection for the mall show below, photographed by John J Martiotti and Rhoscoe Coquia.

With models: Elena Timotin, Lyubov Fateeva, Kiara Le Blanc, Fativa Morris, Mia Schubert and Vlada Davidian. Follow MXN on Instagram @MXNFashionHouse for more udpates! And you can shop all the looks that you see below on our website: www.MXNFashion.com

Nune Hov

MXN Fashion is on NBC TV!

Hey guys! My brand MXN is in a TV show on NBC!

Check out MXN Fashion teaming up with Gabby Wild to save the animals on NBC's TV show GIVE.

You can see our Elephantasia gown being admired by the show hosts. With elephant tusks custom made by Nicole Carter from Regalia Designs.
Share the animal love by sharing the love!

Monday, January 30, 2017


Designer Printed Leggings


Not only is our website up and running (and you can buy stuff now), but we have the coolest set of printed leggings! They are all graphically designed and crafter by Mariam Hovhannisyan.
Mariam Hovhannisyan has been a fine artist, sculptor and painter since the age of 8. You will find her graphic design work in all of our show and fashion ads and also in our logo design! But the coolest thing is, that now you can wear it too!
Our leggings are NOT the cheap China leggings. You know...cheap fabric, the print is awkwardly placed, the waistband is cheap and wrinkled. Our leggings and printed goods are all made out of a quality thicker material, AND they are all made in the USA. You can't get better than that!

Check them out! Comment and let us know which ones you love the most!


Monday, October 24, 2016

Robot Rock Candy Girls Release!


I am so excited about releasing my first ready to wear trademark under Nune Hov Couture. MXN Clothing represents what I want fashion to be about. Vegan, Cruelty Free with a focus on being eco aware in the future.
What an awesome team: Nana Mkrtchyan for Hair and Makeup, my business partner Mariam Hov for set design, photographer Rachael Webster from Noctem Photography with headshots and lighting provided by photographer John Gerecht and models: Miyoung Margolis, Tessa Zink, and Darina Nikitina.
Check out our instagram for their tags! @MXNFashionHouse or @NuneHovCouture