Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things for men to watch out for in fall 2010

Some trends that will become popular for Men's Wear in Fall/Winter 2010 are as follows...and guys pay attention.

Work the browns and neutrals: the best color palette for men this upcoming winter will be blacks, greys, navy blue shades, and brown earth tones. Also, all over prints will be popular and the all
over one color/ one print look will be very popular as well.

Buy the Skinny Trouser Pant: The suit pant for men will become a slim straight fit. It seems like the skinny jean is here to stay, but more importantly this trend is also influencing our career apparel. So far the trend forecast for menswear in almost all collections (with the exception of some of Galiano's amazing craziness) is the straight leg, clean cut skinny trouser.

Watch your pant hems and fit! : A very important trend in mens pants is going to be the
length of the hems on the pants. So men...make sure this fall and winter your pant hems end at the ankle. Also, pants for young adults will all have a dropped crotch, which means your pants are NOT hugging your crotch.

DONT be afraid of Knits: Knits are a big deal in menswear this upcoming fall. So men start investing in nice sweaters. The jersey knit for menswear is popular and in some shows we even saw a cowlneck on men like in the Victor and Rolf collection. In this fall collection for Rick Owens we also saw men in halter-like tops. It seems like the most popular neckline for men will be the turtle neck sweater or shirt. All of Alexander McQueen's mens suits were worn over turtlenecks and in Lanvin's and Rolf's collections we saw scarfes wrapped around necks to create a turtle-like neck effect.

Get a trench: The trench coat is a very popular staple for menswear this upcoming fall. Every designers collection has a trench coat or a kimono like robe. Trenches are worn longer this upcoming fall below the knee.

Leathers are your friends: black leather, shiny blakc leather, grey lazer cut leather jackets are very much in. And while this fall teh motorcycle jacket is popular, this upcoming fall the leather jackets are simple and straight.

Longer Suit Jackets: Your suit jackets will be work with a longer hem and more loosely fitted. It seems like we are going back to the post war days a little bit in men's wear because we saw a lot of military influence in collections. John Galiano brought back the double breasted jacket and Lanvin's collection was very reminiscent of German military apparel.

Boots are hott: Boots that go over the ankle and that are worn with a baggier dropped crotch pant are also going to be popular. An interesting thing to look out for though is the fact that your baggy pants end where the boot begins. This was shown in many collections.

Be inspired by the EAST: This time designers were inspired by the Japanese drape of clothing, this wass especially evident in Rick Owen's collection for menswear. Kimono Robes are so in for fall and some designers like John Galiano have interpreted it more literally than others. This is one reason that the drape in mens knits is more feminine in fashion

Androgeny: This upcoming fall it seemed like men were becoming more and more feminine. And feminine accessories were also found in menswear. Male models are loosing their hunk and getting thinner and more feminine. Hair is worn longer. In Alexander McQueen's collection hair was long on men and braided into a bun. Victor and Rolf had a long V-neckline in their knitwear. Galiano and Lanvin introduced bustiers and male corsetry into their fashion collections and it seemed like the majority of designers saw the trend to bring the men's waistline up. So this time men's waist is not low on their hips but actually up were the woman would wear her belts. The trenches are belted at the high waist and the high waist is emphasized a lot.

Wear Sportswear with Career wear: Hoodies, zip ups and athletic tops with suit pants. Or sweaters under suit jackets and zip up hoodies under suit jackets. It seems like we are blending work and sports again.

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