Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Highlights from PREFALL 2010

Many designers for prefall 2010 have showed fabulous collections, some of the top designers have been Chanel with her 60 piece prefall collection in China and Jason Wu has become an interest as well with his military blazers paired with short pleated skirts and dresses.

However, I would like to give five stars to Devi Knoell and J. Mendel for fantastic Prefall Collections. They used an innovative set of textiles and textures that they put together in an intrinsic way. J. Mendel had a more classic and feminine approach to fashion with his longer hemline gowns and classic draping tecchniques. His colors brought something fun to the lower chromas of prefall. The three piece outfits are feminine and the pieces are classic in nature. There is an interesting comination of dark cold colors and very high value warm colors.

Davi Knoell's prefall collection has a more blocky and masculine silhouette. The pants are straight and tapered. The tops, jackets, and dresses have a very geometric shape and the styling is loose and relaxed with a little bit of a career wear approach. The gowns and evening dresses are draped in a loose Japanese fashion which gives them a very modern and urban look. Devi does a fantastic job introducing color into layering. Devi mixes warm toasted shades and bright bold saturated orange hues. In his collection the warm oranges in low chromas are put together with a gold olive and a toasted green and navy. All in all this is a fantastic way to wear clothing and this collection introduces many new innovations.

Can't wait for fall collections to come out!



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