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A campaign to manufacture a collection and create a look-book for retailers that will spearhead and sell the release of my first brand.

(Updates to Come to This Post In November)

Nune Hov Couture (www.nunehov.com) is a brand dedicated to the young & hip; to those trendsetting teens who take risks in their style. It is a brand you wear to feel cool,to rock ‘n roll, to party with your friends and to prowl the city streets in the search of freedom. At least that’s what I want it to be.

from the collection

While I may be a market research analyst by day, by night I am the owner of a soon to be famous fashion design company. And although I currently have a glorified employee list of one, I have always dreamed of expanding the company, and of working in fashion design full time. Before you think I’m in way over my head, let me tell you a little bit more about me:

I finished IADT with a degree in Fashion Design in 2011. I fell in love with fashion when I started modeling in 2007. Beginning in 2008, I have been teaching at local agencies; I teach everything from runway, posing, and industry terminology to acting and speech. This drive to be part of the fashion world also pulled me into event production. I have produced and directed over 85 fashion shows over the span of 6 years. I have even opened a non-profit corporation for the purpose of supporting and promoting local talent in the art, fashion and music industry through scholarships and exposure. My annual show, called NNU for Seattle’s “Northwest Networking Umbrella” currently boasts over 4,000 members in the Facebook group and we are growing every day.

In order for me to really get my fashion design company going, I need to manufacture, produce and grade a few pieces from my new collection, all of which costs way more than a junior market research analyst can afford. I am hoping that dreams can come true on Kickstarter.

from the collection

Photographing mermaids in chainmail gowns underwater or dressing up models in hand sown bubble wrap dresses are but a few of the things to be expected from Nune Hov Couture, but I also design more casual clothing for every day use.

 from the collection

For the purposes of this Kickstarter campaign, I am hoping to jumpstart my ready-to-wear fashion brand KARTOFIL – a hip, ready to wear collection focused on denims and motorcycle jackets. All of my looks will be produced, manufactured and designed in the US! This Brand is about attitude. I plan to work with domestically produced and recycled textiles. I believe we can change the world through what we wear, so I choose not to use fur and leather in any of my designs to discourage animal cruelty.

                                          from the collection

On the business end of things, the most difficult tasks are production and selling of designed garments.

I have written and developed a detailed business plan; I possess both a degree in business as well as in fashion design, so I am pretty confident that I can successfully produce and sell my garments.
I have already tested the manufacturing process by producing and grading a sample garment I had developed. Including writing spec packs, building prototypes and managing the tagging, branding process post production.

Because I have many connections in the fashion industry in Seattle, I know I can find all the necessary resources for advertising after my look-book is completed. The only thing that stands in the way of advertising success is the financial investment needed for print ads and online ads. If it were not for Kickstarter, I would not know how to realize my dreams without taking out a big business loan. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and extend a thanks to all those who have taken the time to even click on this link and read about my project.

To pre-order your very own Asymentric Floor Length Top (pictured below) or Buy your own custom Mermaid Chainmal Gown donate at Kickstarter:

                                          Asymetric Floor Length Top - from the collection


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