Friday, April 8, 2011

Vu Nguyen Summer Nights Fashion Show

One of the brightest new talents in the Seattle area is designer, artist and model Vu Nguyen. Summer Nights are more than happy to welcome Vu to their Gala this summer! Unmatched in his artistic creativity this young designer is taking the Northwest by storm with his innovative and avant garde looks.

It is my pleasure to be showing Vu's paper dress collection at Summer Nights this year. And im even more excited to announce that he is open to selling some of his garments!! So come and support this young talent this year!

In his own words Vu:

Vu Nguyen – Design Desire

I do not know when I excited in fashion maybe 2 or 3 years ago, but I did not realize it come to me so close; it is close enough that many people said: my destiny sticks with fashion. And it might be the truth because drawing is my life, design is my breath, and my heart belongs to music. Now I am 19 (too old for a high school student but just because I started school late), 16 years I have been drawing and the first lesson I got from my mother, the greatest teacher in my life, who give me this life this breath and this desire…

My life changes a lot when I move to the United States. This time I do not know why fashion is the most attractive thing for me. I start modeling (I am a funny boy. I love create my own poses but I always keep masculine face and posture), then I jump to fashion design; paper is the first simple material I use for my design before I reach fabric. Hope you always enjoy my show.

Vu Nguyen-Model-Designer



Nune Hov

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