Thursday, March 24, 2011

Summer Nights Fashion Show Gala-Gingerlyn Bellus

Summer Nights Fashion Show Gala event is coming on June 18th! Showcasing 5 amazing local designers and a local live band!

Professional hair, make-up and stylists work together with the Syndicate Bar and Catering service to make our Summer Nights not only a beautiful and entertaining show...but an event that will be unforgettable.

Come and support local young talent and designers! Have the opportunity to donate to Charity and help make a difference in your community! Come relax in the Firestone room with our bartenders! And have the opportunity to order custom made designer garments straight off the runway!

This is the summer gala event of the year, don't miss the opportunity to be a part of it...

Presenting our first designer Gingerlyn Bellus:

Ginger Bellus is known for her showstopping designs and the impecable quality of her work. She was the award winner at the Project Red Dress Design Competition in 2010 and will be showing her new line at Summer Nights Fashion Show! In her own words Ginger Bellus gives us a little insight into who she is as a designer...

"I have loved the fashion world since I was 5 yrs old and started drawing fashion illustrations all thru my school years ( when I should have been paying attention in class…) I received my first sewing machine when I was 11yrs old, and have been sewing ever since. I have worked in Retail, piece work and fabric stores, as well as custom work and, have run a business, and yes! That includes the shipping.

I love all aspects of the fashion industry and I continue to keep researching and asking for advice. If I can find a way to produce the garment faster, I will always choose that method first.

I am always enthusiastic about my designs becoming reality and when I have great models or admires of my work that just motivates me even more to become a better designer. My inspirations comes from history, culture, art, music, sports, etc.; anything really! I usually think ahead and have several designs or collections in mind, because I never know when I’m going to come across a find.

So far I have not had the experience of costuming for the movies, and I would love to have the opportunity to do so, since I am a movie buff. However! Nothing is off limits to me, I leave the doors open for anything that comes my way. That includes traveling, after having a little taste of Amsterdam and Aruba, I hope to continue to travel and have life experiences that will inspire me as a designer, who knows? Maybe a new collection!"

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