Sunday, November 28, 2010

IMAGINE Fashion Show 2010 IADT Seattle

The International Academy of Design and Technology in Seattle puts on an annual fashion show with submissions of work from some of the students. The school also awards prizes for the best of show and the best in each category. In my opinion these decisions are often biased and irrelevant when talking about good fashion. Good fashion is well constructed and skillfully made, it is also modern and interesting. Fashion shows are about showmanship and also about innovation.
Several of these designers also appeared at the Northwest Networking Umbrella event (NNU) of 2010 so I will discuss their work selectively in a later post (Including Carol Franklin who won best of evening and creates amazing, skillfully crafter garments, Laksmi Mckenna-up-and-coming designer, Olga Earle designer of the year for IMAGINE 2010 etc). But some of the other designers work stands apart and shows skill to move forward in the design world.
Corban Harpers Black gown worn by Seattle Model Tera Stockton:
Nune Hov's vinyl clubdress worn by Seattle Model Kalainah:
And Lisa Jones' purple gown worn by Seattle Model Kalainah:


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